Sudoku Full house

full house sudoku

Singles are basic and easy-to-understand techniques for solving sudoku number puzzles. The Full House one of the basic methods.

the way to solve by Full House is to locate the last digit that can be placed in a house. *A house is a full set of digits between 1-9 it can be a Block, Row, or Column. If it is the last digit for the whole grid, it is sometimes called the Last Digit.


Take a look at the sudoku board, we can see that there is only one empty cell that remains in this house in row 2, column 5, it's highlighted in a green circle - the only number that can fit there is 1 (the house is block 2).

there are 3 more examples of a full house in this specific board, try to locate them.

full house sudoku example

Here are the full 4 examples for a full house solution in this specific Sudoku puzzle:

Row 1 Column 7 = 6 (the house is row 1)

Row 7 Column 9 = 9 (the house is column 9)

Row 9 Column 6 = 2 (the house is block 8)

full house sudoku example solution